November 5, 2014

Hello world, 

I have decorated my blog a little for this celebration because this week in the Student Blogging Challenge we have to design our blog and write a post to celebrate our choice of a celebration in the world. I have chosen Christmas, I hope you enjoy…

It is getting close to December and even closer to Christmas. Christmas is a great holiday that is celebrated by many people for the birth of Jesus Christ. I know that this holiday is celebrated by others in countries around the world but known as a different name such as Noël in France. I celebrate this annual celebration on the 25th December. Children around the love this celebration as they get a visit from Santa who gives them lots of presents. In Australia and many countries too it is treated like a birthday but for Jesus so our parents and relatives give us presents as well.

Merry Christmas,


5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Jemma

    Hi Sophie,
    It’s awesome that you’re still doing to Student Blogging Challenge. You have kept up with it so well and I love seeing your posts! I think that you’ve decorated your site very fittingly to suit Christmas. I love the snow, colours and the theme! It’s nice and simple! Maybe you could decorate your tag cloud as well in red and white! I liked how you gave some background information about Christmas as well!
    Love your posts!

  2. Mrs T

    I am very impressed that you are keeping up with the student blogging challenge Sophie. It is a lot extra on top of everything you are doing at school. Has it been worthwhile do you think?

  3. Miss W.

    G’day Sophie,
    You are doing so well with the challenge on top of your school work.

    Just one tip, with this theme, can you fix the background instead of it continuing to scroll. Not sure if you can because of it being fishy theme.

    1. sophied20 Post author

      Hi Miss W,
      Thank you for commenting. I have now fixed this by changing it to the other Christmas theme. Thank you,

  4. Sofia

    Hi Sophie,

    My name is Sofie too! Except I spell it with an F. I am from Texas in the U.S.A. I love how you decorated your blog with falling snow, it looks amazing! I love to get into the Christmas spirit early, and my family and I decorate our whole house for Christmas. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is singing carols. Also, in Texas we don’t get snow, it’s very rare. Although 1 year we did, and everyone got to leave school and play in the snow! What do you like to do for Christmas?
    Check out my blog!

    Merry (early) Christmas!


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