Apple and Cinnamon Muffins



Today I made Apple and Cinnamon Muffins. They tasted so good and if you have never tasted them you have to try this recipe I found at Please click the link below to find it. ( I did them without raisins).


A few photos from today:

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Welcome to 2016…

Hello again,


I am so sorry for not posting anything at all last year but I promise that I will try to post as frequently as I can this year. Year 7 was an amazing year with so many new and exciting opportunities. It went so quickly and I can’t believe I am already in year 8. School was amazing and I met so many new friends, along with learning lots of new things. It was a big shock to the system with lots of assignments and tests, and having to stay organised was a big issue. As well as school I had after school activities, music and sport but with enough sleep and down time I stayed on top of it.


I can’t believe 2016 is already here. After the long 8 week holidays it was hard to get back into it but as long as you relax, and balance life and school it will go just like that.


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Welcome Back

Welcome back,

This year I will be starting my journey into high school and I am very much looking forward to it. Though with the busy schedules and sadly no blogging homework I will have to blog less than usual. I hope that you are excited to continue reading my blog and I hope that my writing will be enjoyable to read. If there are any suggestions of what you would like me to write about this year please write a comment below.


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December 3, 2014

Hello world,

I have looked back over my posts and this is my 60th post, my blog has come so far this year. I also would like to say that it is the final day of term 4 for my year so my blogging will slowly start to decline in the number of posts as I will not be using it for school. Though despite this I hope that you will still enjoy my regular  posts about my days at school or after school activities. I hope you have enjoyed reading this year and continue to do so.

Merry Christmas,


Climate Change

Hello readers,

This week we have to talk about a matter of the world that we are interested in and would like to share with you. I have chosen to talk about Global Warming as I think it is a valid point to argue against because it will help the future generations of our world to survive.


First, what is it?

Global warming also known as climate change is when CO2 evaporates into the air and spreads across our sky. CO2 (carbon dioxide) creates a thick layer in the air caused by cars, power stations and other forms of transport. This is a horrible future for every young person and it must be stopped.


What does it do to our earth?

Global warming causes heat and extreme weather changes. These include cyclones, droughts, tsunamis and earthquakes. These extreme changes are caused by CO2 and high temperatures. These things also hurt our reefs, they bleach the coral and die, they are broken up and fish move away from the shoreline.


We can help by doing these things listed:

  • Use less energy

  • Take public transport, walk or cycle

  • Buy environmentally sustainable products

  • Open windows instead of air conditioning

  • Dry clothes on the line

  • Donate things

  • Recycle

Please contribute as much as you can to save the future generations of our world.

All the best,


Comparing my party and the real one


Hi again,

As you may know yesterday was the year 6’s final assembly. We got our graduation certificates and the party started. Though we still haven’t finished school we were ready to party on at the famous Year 6 dinner. Everyone got dressed up and took some photos ready for the night. We went into the hall found our tables and the rest is history.


At the dinner we had fun signing each others records as a memoir of the night. These records were a sign that our dinner had a theme of retro or in my opinion it was music and dancing as our classes were named after dances this year. We had a lot of fun thought there was a few things that we thought could be improved.


Some of these things were the amount of dancing space, drinks served and letting us know if there was any more food coming after the first meal.


I found that when we were dancing at the party we were very squished. I know that this is a very minor issue but I still think that it could possibly injure or hurt some people at the party. When we got the chance to dance with our parents it was very hard to actually dance because everyone wanted their own space and took over one area leaving not much space for others.


The next point I would like to comment on was about the drinks. I am a very plain person and I am very picky but I think that having lemon water and just two types of soft drinks wasn’t the best option. I would much rather have plain water and and just lemonade and another soft drink, this would be better and cheaper for the school.


The last point I would like to comment on is that some people thought that we were going to have an entree, main and dessert but we didn’t get a main. I think that the amount of food we received was substantial but some girls didn’t eat as much because they thought a main was coming. I think that to help with this we could have been told that we only got this meal and the mains were for the parents and teachers only.


Though despite all the things that I think could be improved, the party was wonderful. When I first walked down the steps chattering with my friends I was in awe. It was amazing how sports hall could be transformed into a beautiful dining hall. I loved the records, dj, bracelet, prizes and photo booth. It was all amazing. A huge thank you to everyone who put this together it was a fantastic night.


Here are some photos:



Time to Reflect

Hello Blogging World,

As year 6 comes to an end so does my most recent project, my maths party. So now I will take this time to reflect on what I have achieved over this term.


Some difficulties and problems that I encountered?

In doing this activity I have not had many problems aside from technical difficulties. Though one thing that did happen quite often was when we had to comment on 6 other blogs I found that some people had either named their post differently or hadn’t posted it yet. Though in spite of all this I just commented on a different post or found the right post.


One of the technical problems I encountered was that one of my images would not come on right. This meant no one could read the image and I had to post it in a link instead.


Which aspect of planning did you enjoy the most?

I think that the most enjoyable aspect of the planning was the spreadsheet and floorplan. I liked doing the spreadsheet because you were doing something the whole time and you could go roaming on woolworths or coles websites looking for the cheapest item you could find.


I also enjoyed making the floorplan. I enjoyed this aspect because I got to make a floorplan and put everything down to scale. I really enjoy making floorplans and I was really happy when we got the chance to as well.


Did you manage your time well at home and school to get all the components completed?

I believe that I did manage my time well as I got everything needed done and I tried my best at all aspects. I enjoyed writing blogposts and doing the activities during school. I am not distracted at home or school so I believe that everything achieved was done well. One thing that does seem to flash in my head when think of this question is when I wrote down a list of the things that I needed to achieve over the next few days.


Overall I think that managing time well is a good thing that should be practised as it is a great life lesson.

After doing this project I feel that I am more skilled when using excel and sketch up. I have learnt a lot about planning  party and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.


Thank you for reading,


I will be posting about the comparisons for the party and my fake party soon, so watch this space.

Time to Nominate

Hello again,

The second part for this weeks blogging challenge is to nominate for the Edublogs Awards. There are many categories to choose from but I only chose a few. Here are the ones I chose.

Best Individual Blog

Best Group Blog

Best New Blog

Best Class Blog

Best Student Blog

Most Influential Blog Post

Everyone did a great job and I am sure that any one could potentially get these awards. Great job.


Lets play a game

Hello world,

This week for the Student Blogging Challenge we were told to do the Count Out Three game, where we basically go on one blog (count one) go on another blog of theirs (count two) and finally go on one of their blogs and comment on it. I had lot of fun with it and a lot of difficulties.

Here are the blogs that I visited:



Lauren’s Blog

Beatrice’s Blog

Sionra’s Blog –



Tarah’s Blog

Henna’s Blog

Stephanie’s Blog –



Izzy’s Blog

AHT Blogs

Scarlett’s Bog –


Some difficulties I encountered was that not everyone had a blog roll so it made it difficult to continue on and I had to start over again. Though despite all this I did have a lot of fun and I hope that everyone who did this also had a lot of fun as well.

Another part of this game was to comment on an interesting post of theirs. I commented on their most recent post and I found all of them very interesting. Sionra’s was on if their was a school just for art. Stephanie’s post was on her holidays and how she played bubble soccer. Finally, Scarlett’s post was on a talk to her class about disabled people and playing wheelchair basketball. Great job to all these posts.




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